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Modern dummys don't have strings...they have teleprompters -

Famous Veteran Elvis Presley U.S. Army WWII -

dumb & dumber -

Poor Casey...gonna get the chair... -

Two whole months, huh? Ah, I couldn't stand to be in her presence for two seconds; two months must have been excrutiating! -

See something you like, Mr Willis? -

Charlie Ashton Kutcher -

Melissa Gilbert filed for divorce -


ha ha! -

Tom shows off his beard -

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt- think of how many different dna samples are at play here. -

a disaster bound to happen -

Famous Veteran Dennis Franz: U.S. Army in Vietnam -

Kirsten Dunst...just hangin' out -

disaster combinations -

Probably Too Easy.... -

Crystal and Hef call it off -

Heidi Fleiss, 'Madame Meth' -

Famous Veteran Chuck Norris, Air Force SP -