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the first step is admitting it to yourself -

Modern dummys don't have strings...they have teleprompters -

dumb & dumber -

Not all of us have your money, hippocrite -

The late, great, John Belushi. Why can't success be enough for some? -

Weiner's got weenie problems... -

May you get what you deserve... -

Enough said -

Tricky Dick -

David Lee Roth a tad past his prime... -

David Hasselhoff- he's got the munchies! -

Jocelyn Wildenstein passed outrageous long ago... -

sean connery -

Peter -

Carol Burnett -

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt- think of how many different dna samples are at play here. -

See something you like, Mr Willis? -

The man -

a disaster bound to happen -

Wanna see a magic trick? -