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Dead weight...lifting -

Wanna see a magic trick? -

Modern dummys don't have strings...they have teleprompters -

Dr. Death meets the Grim Reaper -

Angelina Jolie -

Jocelyn Wildenstein passed outrageous long ago... -

the first step is admitting it to yourself -

Little Rascles Movie - then & now -

dumb & dumber -

Bald George... -

Some grew up; others just became more childish or downright strange -

Not Afraid? -

The late, great, John Belushi. Why can't success be enough for some? -

Not all of us have your money, hippocrite -

Kid Rock looks like he's been doing rock! -

Famous Veteran Alan Alda- Army Officer, Korean War -

Hard to tell though, huh? -

Two whole months, huh? Ah, I couldn't stand to be in her presence for two seconds; two months must have been excrutiating! -

Famous Veteran Drew Carey, USMC -

Adam West turns 83 -